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5 Steps for In-House Attorneys to Succeed at Records Retention Policies

The vast majority of companies we interview do not follow their retention policies. The blame can be spread between legal, information technology and the business. This post will give 5 steps to help in-house attorneys succeed with Records Retention Policies.

Retention Management: 3 Problem Areas that Must be Addressed

As we've referenced before, more than half of all organizations have experienced a data-related incident. Out of those who reported an actual breach, half attributed it to hacking and the other half to employee negligence. Unfortunately, according to the report, about a third of these negligent acts were willful. Let's explore a few areas that are particularly high risk and can be solved by a complete records and retention management program.

The Dangers of Prolonged Record Retention

This post about record retention originally appeared in the Western Michigan Chapter of ARMA newsletter and was written by our guest blogger, Dawn Garcia Ward of Warner, Norcross and Judd and her colleague Emily Bakeman.

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