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3 Necessary Information Governance Capabilities That Don’t Come Out of the Box

SharePoint and Office 365 are the ideal platform for enterprise collaboration, and offer some enterprise-grade information governance features. The Microsoft platform provides excellent value on its own, but can easily be extended with third-party software to enable IG and records management features that provide industry leading compliance from within a system users can already understand.

Online vs. On-Premises: How Does Cloud Adoption Affect SharePoint Records Management?

A recent study by Sharegate highlights the growing popularity of SharePoint online across organizations. Not surprisingly given the overall IT culture today, SharePoint Online adoption is increasing.

Why Should You Choose a SaaS Records Management Solution?

Assuming the majority of the readers of this post are not technologists, I will define SaaS (Software as a Service) and the Cloud.  First, the Cloud and SaaS are not the same thing.  SaaS runs in the Cloud. 

SharePoint Records Management: Take Care Where You Share

Last week, a security researcher discovered something very troubling on, Microsoft's free document-sharing site. The search bar at the top of the page allowed him to search through hundreds of documents with highly sensitive information.

SharePoint Records Management Initiatives Driven by Security Fears

A recent survey from AIIM highlights the drivers for organizations to undergo or re-evaluate their information governance and SharePoint records management initiatives.

3 Areas of Focus for SharePoint Records Management Improvement

As we've referenced before, more than half of all organizations have experienced a data-related incident. Out of those who reported an actual breach, half attributed it to hacking and the other half to employee negligence. Unfortunately, according to the report, about a third of these negligent acts were willful. Let's explore a few areas that are particularly high risk and can be solved by a complete SharePoint records management program.

3 Things to Consider with SharePoint Records Management in 2017

When talking about SharePoint records management and implementing an overall information governance program, there are many factors to consider. As we look ahead to 2017, ensuring that all business units are involved and the organization as a whole has an in-depth understanding of the importance of information governance is a crucial first step. Let's discuss three other important considerations. 

5 Ways to Fix SharePoint Records Management

SharePoint is a great platform, with a core set of features that rival the best enterprise content management systems available. If you have been using SharePoint very long however, you start to realize it has a great core platform, but it is not so good at the individual tasks that need to be accomplished with your information.

SharePoint 2016: How is SharePoint Records Management Impacted?

Now that SharePoint 2016 has rolled out, let's discuss its impact on records management. As with any long-awaited release, there were rumors and speculation around what features would or wouldn't be included. How will these features and changes affect the overall information governance of your records? We all know SharePoint records management is a priority for all organizations. We have compiled a list of the new or updated features and what effect it will have on records management.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a Records Management Solution

Here is a list of common mistakes when implementing a Records Management solution. This list assumes that you have taken care of the necessary requirements such as having a File Plan and a Retention Schedule.

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