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Simran Ali
16 minute read

Ask the Expert: What is Information Governance

Now more than ever, Information Governance has become a high priority activity for most organizations. With information growing at a rapid rate, the potential risks that... Read More
Chris Caplinger
8 minute read

Governance doesn't stop when working from home

The current pandemic has more people working from home than ever before, but that should not stop your organization from being diligent with information governance... Read More
Shaun Gaffney
3 minute read

What is Federated Information Management?

Almost every industry is facing a similar challenge today: How to implement an overarching information governance strategy that covers all information in a unified manner.... Read More
Russ Savee
20 minute read

Federated Records Management Approach in Meeting the M-19-21 Directive

The Federal Directive for M-12-18 deadline has arrived and a new directive was issued to extend requirements for agencies transitioning to electronic records.  The new... Read More
Colin Langston
7 minute read

Does O365 Really Do It All?

Imagine you’ve just been given the directive to “manage our stuff in O365 so we can minimize our storage, and actually find things”. Kind of open ended, right? What do... Read More
Dean Misenhimer
10 minute read

Where are your records?

Have you ever stopped and thought about where all the content in your organization resides? Go ahead, we’ll wait…  Read More
Tom Johnson
7 minute read

7 Steps of a cost-effective migration

Have legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems become a thorn in your side? Record Managers and IT admins are increasingly more aware of their aging legacy ECM... Read More
Veronica Puailoa
4 minute read

Why Should Records Management be Important to You

Why should an organization care about records management? When users throughout all departments are creating new records without a thought to how they are cataloged or... Read More
Matthew Dieden
2 minute read

Gimmal is Revolutionizing the Electronic Management of Physical Records and Assets

Physical records management has always been tricky, especially as complex systems have grown up around it. As more of our business information is created and stored... Read More

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