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So OpenText Buys Documentum: Making Sense of the Aftershocks

Shockwaves have ripped through the ECM market as OpenText has acquired Dell EMC, including popular legacy ECM Documentum for $1.62 billion.

Q3 2015 Review: A Summary of SharePoint, Office 365, And ECM Ecosystems

By Mike Alsup Oct 15 2015 ​This post summarizes several market developments in the SharePoint, Office 365, and ECM ecosystems over the last quarter from the perspective of a conference itinerant and observer of all things ECM and RM, especially from a SharePoint perspective. I was fortunate to attend a variety of events recently, including the ARMA Conference, ILTA and InfoGovCon. Finally, I summarize events of the quarter into a few big themes.

Mid-Year Market Summary From A SharePoint Of View

By Mike Alsup Jul 27 2015

Notes from the Field - Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

By Mike Alsup Jul 20 2014 ​ I attended the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, DC last week. It was a high-energy forum with 20,000 attendees from around the world. Intel announced much better PC numbers early in the event, and Microsoft’s announcement that it was terminating 18,000 Microsoft employees was held until the last day of the conference, so it didn’t figure into discussions. I attended Jared Spataro’s session. Jared is the new Vice President of Microsoft Office and comes from Open Text, so he understands the history of ECM and SharePoint exceptionally well. He described the evolution of Office in three phases.

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