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Veronica Puailoa
4 minute read

Why Should Records Management be Important to You

Why should an organization care about records management? When users throughout all departments are creating new records without a thought to how they are cataloged or... Read More
Tom Johnson
6 minute read

Creating Compliance in Chaos: A Consultant's Story

Records and Information Management (RIM) is constantly changing and evolving as record managers begin to realize the benefits of automation in their daily operations. In... Read More
5 minute read

Your Records Strategy Should Evolve with Your Business

Think back ten or fifteen years. How many different collaboration systems was your organization using? You were probably handling a lot of paper, trying to empty your... Read More
Sue Gibbons
4 minute read

How Far Does Your Records Management Strategy Reach?

How pervasive is your records management strategy? This is a common question for many organizations who are looking to implement a new records management system or improve... Read More
Matthew Dieden
4 minute read

The Next Generation of Records Management

Over the past couple of years, we have seen organizations make a fundamental shift towards storing and managing their records in the cloud. As the internet continues to... Read More
4 minute read

Start on the Path to M-12-18 Compliance

The past few years have seen many changes in the ways federal agencies are directed to maintain records, with a particular emphasis on digital records. Read More
Jude O'Neill
4 minute read

How can Office 365 Improve Information Management?

Office 365 provides an excellent foundation for organizations to improve information management and productivity in the cloud.  But what about Office 365 makes it the... Read More
2 minute read

Gimmal Workplace Compliance Now Includes In-Place Policy Management

Today, we're excited to launch a new version of Gimmal Workplace Compliance! Our flagship solution now includes new federated policy management features for high volumes... Read More
Andrew Borgschulte
4 minute read

3 Necessary Information Governance Capabilities That Don’t Come Out of the Box

SharePoint and Office 365 are the ideal platform for enterprise collaboration, and offer some enterprise-grade information governance features. The Microsoft platform... Read More

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