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How Information Governance Can Address Corporate Compliance Challenges

All organizations must consider corporate compliance and the effect it has on every part of the business. Whether it is regulatory investigations or a data breach, ensuring complete compliance is critical. Fortunately, information governance can help corporate compliance in a proactive way.

General Counsel Compliance Vital in Mitigating Data Breach Damage

A few months ago at the Association of Corporate Counsel's midyear meeting, the consensus was that no data is safe from hackers. If that is the case (and it truly looks like it is), how can general counsel compliance procedures help lessen the blow?

Risk and Compliance Concern: Cyber Insurance May Not Cover All Costs

A recent Federal Court decision may create lasting opinions about how information is governed and brings about additonal risk and compliance issues.  The court has decided that P.F. Chang’s cyber insurance policy does not cover expenses from the restaurant’s 2014 privacy breach. 

5 Email Security Threats That Cause Compliance Risk

A recent article on the Office 365 blog highlights five overlooked threats to your email security that can cause substantial compliance risk. All too often, easily preventable breaches occur because of either a poor process in place or simple carelessness by an employee. However, there are times when no matter how vigilant, a hack can occur. The five threats below are ones which may have been overlooked and should jump to the front of your mind to avoid becoming a victim of a breach.

6 Impactful Risk and Compliance Trends From General Counsel Survey

Recently, Kroll surveyed over 170 corporate in-house counsel regarding risk and compliance issues their organizations are facing. The topics ranged from compliance, big data, and fraud to cybersecurity. Below are some of the interesting highlights.

8 Ways to Avoid SharePoint Compliance Risk

Data is hacked and stolen every day, causing a SharePoint compliance risk nightmare. The Ponomen Institute estimates that data breaches cost companies an average of $174 per record. On top of the initial financial impact, organizations are often held liable and subject to legal and regulatory penalties.

New Auditing and Reporting Features Improve Office 365 Compliance

An important part of Office 365 compliance is ensuring you are aware which users are taking actions on specific content. As more and more data is created in Office 365, it is critical to find a balance between controlling data and not interrupting your end users' workflow. These new features provide the ability to audit and report on various activities throughout SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Office 365 Compliance and Australia's Government

A recent post on IDM discusses the certification of Office 365 by the Australian government. Office 365 is a critical tool for many organizations worldwide. As we are all concerned with data security and Office 365 compliance, it is surely a positive development that the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has certified Office 365 to be used for federal documents. The ASD is a federal agency that collects and analyzes intelligence sources and provide services and advice around data security for the Australian government and Defense Force.

Office 365 Compliance and Service Organization Controls Enhanced

There have been a few positive announcements recently from Microsoft around Office 365 compliance and information governance. The first is that their Compliance Program is now available publicly for financial services customers. This allows these customers deeper insights into their cloud service's capability, risk and performance. Office 365 compliance has become a popular concern recently as more and more data (some of it especially sensitive) lives within the cloud. There are several parts of this program including:

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