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3 ways to solve the “user problem” in SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint offers many advantages over shared drives and legacy platforms, with its content management capabilities and facilities for collaboration combined with its flexibility, low cost, and ubiquity. While uploading content is less intuitive than a shared drive, Microsoft makes it very easy for users to deploy their own sites.

Microsoft Delivers Advanced Data Governance: Mike Alsup Responds

Gimmal Founder Mike Alsup has posted to the AIIM Community Blog in response to Microsoft's announcement of the release of Advanced Data Governance for Office 365.

Digital Workplace Checklist: Improving Collaboration

And, at the end of this series, we find ourselves back where we began: collaboration. The main driver for any digital workplace initiative is to facilitate collaboration between employees wherever they’re located. As with the other items on our checklist, putting the user at the center of consideration is the key to success. Importantly, however, your digital workplace can only reach its full potential, and provide a productive platform for collaboration, once your information lifecycle, along with the governance rules that support it, is codified and executed.

Microsoft's New Advanced Data Governance: First Impressions

Gimmal CTO Brad Teed commented on Microsoft's release of Advanced Data Governance today on CMSWire. In his article, he examines these new features and what they mean to the Microsoft ecosystem at large from an information governance and policy perspective. He writes:

Digital Workplace Checklist – Integrating Your Systems

In our explorations of digital workplaces so far, we’ve suggested that focusing on quality and accessibility can improve the value of your information, and we’ve proposed a one-stop shop approach to information delivery in order to establish a single source of truth for your organization. Following these approaches in connection with your organization’s content/document management system begins to address the challenges of creating a digital workplace.

SharePoint Expo and Workshop NYC Dec 2016: Build SharePoint and Office 365 Experiences That People Love

Earlier this month, Gimmal,, Avepoint, and others gathered at the Microsoft Technology Center in NYC for an expo and workshop built around humanizing the SharePoint and Office 365 experience.

Digital Workplace Checklist: Create a One-Stop Shop

The first item on our digital workplace checklist was to make your information more useful. To truly be useful, information also has to be easy to find. One way to ensure that your organization’s information is easy for your employees to find is by adopting a “one-stop shop” approach to information delivery. This doesn’t mean that all of your information is in one place. Rather, that you unify your information management approach and eliminate silos.

Digital Workplace Checklist: Improve the Value of Your Information

The value we can extract from information stems from how well we are able to leverage that information. One of the key benefits of the digital workplace model is found in increasing the ROI of business information.

InfoGovCon: Gimmal has been nominated as "Best Information Governance Service Provider" for 2016!

We're proud to announce that Gimmal has been included in InfoGovCon's 2016 poll for Best Information Governance Service Provider.

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