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Veronica Puailoa
6 minute read

Creating a Retention Schedule that Works

Creating a usable, automated, and simple file plan is an important part of ensuring records are managed in a consistent manner and that you are protected from legal risks,... Read More
Chris Caplinger
11 minute read

Improving Records Disposition in Microsoft 365

I recently wrote an article about how we improve retention labels in Microsoft 365 (M365) and wanted to continue on the topic of improving the ever growing Microsoft... Read More
Chris Caplinger
5 minute read

Improving Retention Labels in Microsoft 365

In early 2018, Microsoft released Retention Labels for Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) to allow "labels" to be place on content in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange. ... Read More
Dean Misenhimer
13 minute read

Microsoft 365 & Gimmal: The Modern Approach to SAP Archiving

Your organization has made the move to Microsoft 365, a modern Content Services platform. Every day users are creating content, collaborating, and searching for... Read More
David Quackenbush
12 minute read

Governing Information Overload

INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!!  We created it.  We are victims of it.  We are perpetuating it.    Read More
Chris Caplinger
10 minute read

5 Reasons Your Files are ROT(ting)

Redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) information likely dominates your content stores.  Whether it's your network file shares, EFSS locations such as Box and Dropbox, or... Read More
Chris Caplinger
4 minute read

Cloud Governance Wars - Box vs Office 365

A war has been brewing over the ability to govern content in the cloud.  Box and Office 365 are arguably the two leading SaaS based content services providers in the... Read More
Chris Caplinger
8 minute read

Governance doesn't stop when working from home

The current pandemic has more people working from home than ever before, but that should not stop your organization from being diligent with information governance... Read More
Shaun Gaffney
3 minute read

What is Federated Information Management?

Almost every industry is facing a similar challenge today: How to implement an overarching information governance strategy that covers all information in a unified manner.... Read More

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