November 8, 2017

Learn about GDPR at SPTechCon in D.C. Next Week!

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The SharePoint & Office 365 Technology Conference comes to Washington, D.C. from November 12th through the 15th, bringing dozens of learning sessions and tutorials from the industry's leading experts.

Among the presenters is Regional Technology & Innovation Director at Gimmal Partner Avanade, Ruven Gotz. As his biography listed on the SPTechCon website states:

As a consultant, speaker, Microsoft MVP and author with over 25 years of technology consulting experience, Ruven has spent the past decade building innovative collaboration and digital workplace solutions for his clients. He has advised clients on governance, information architecture and the adoption of collaboration and enterprise social tools. Ruven has spoken at over 100 conferences in Europe, South Africa, Australia and across North America and is the author of a book on Information Architecture. Ruven grew up in Toronto but for the past two years, has been enjoying the pace of life in Manhattan.

Why GDPR is Something You Should Understand

Gotz will be presenting a demonstration that illustrates why U.S companies should start taking the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) more seriously. Many organizations are thinking along the lines of: "Isn't GDPR a European thing? Our company is American, so this doesn't apply to me." But, as Gotz will point out, this thinking could lead organizations astray and expose them to massive fines.

Do you have any clients in Europe? Any employees? Do Europeans come to America and do business with you? If you can answer any of these questions with "yes," it's time to start paying attention.

Ruven's presentation will take a tactical view of GDPR, developing the requirements organizations should prepare for and exploring the route to compliance offered by Microsoft, solutions like Gimmal's and others. If your organization finds itself behind in its preparations and you can get to D.C. next week, SPTechCon is sure to provide the insight and background you need to get your program set up by the time the fines go into effect next May.

So with that in mind, get over to the SPTechCon site now to submit your registration!

It's Time to Redefine Your Approach to Data Privacy

In the meantime, or if you are not able to make it to SPTechCon, we have a variety of resources available to aid you on the path to compliance:

How Organizations Are Preparing for GDPR

The general goal of this regulation is to strengthen data protections under a unifying system for all individuals in Europe and to allow citizens more control over their personal data. Of course, this affects many companies in North America that do any business in Europe if personal data is part of the transaction. It also changes the way European companies are allowed to transport personal data across borders. With these considerations in mind, we here at Gimmal reached out to some of our customers to try and understand what effects the GPDR will have for them.

In this first round of survey results, we examine how these organizations are managing the urgency of compliance, as well as what they are doing to make sure they get the job done right.


How Can Office 365 Improve Information Management?

Office 365 provides an excellent foundation for organizations to improve information management and productivity in the cloud.  But what about Office 365 makes it the ideal starting place for your policy initiatives?

It's all about flexibility and integration. With the right extensions, Office 365 can also provide structure to a hybrid environment that includes on-premises systems and other cloud solutions. 


AI, Information Governance, and What it all Means

Recently, Gimmal interviewed Reid Smith, co-founder and CEO at i2k Connect. The mission of i2k Connect is to revolutionize information discovery using its novel artificial intelligence (AI) technology, informed by industry knowledge, to transform unstructured documents into structured data.

He spoke at length about artificial intelligence, information governance, GDPR, and a host of other topics. 


 Information Pricacy and Data Protection: EU GDPR is Just the Beginning

Troubling trends are prompting regulators to bolster data security and privacy legislation to impose stricter obligations on businesses and data controllers. The new European Data Protection Regulation is the most immediately visible evidence of what will soon be a tidal wave of national and industry information privacy and security regulations.

Organizations cannot hope to meet this coming wave of regulation by approaching information privacy and security as an afterthought or by applying outdated and manual approaches to a set of problems that simply must be automated.

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