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Introducing Intelligent Records Management Powered by AI

Records Management technology hasn’t always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Since records management systems and processes work best when coupled with an organization's current business processes, progress is dependent on the innovations within the workplace. But, over the last couple of years, we have seen a sharp increase in the adoption of modern technology in the workplace which has allowed our industry to innovate as well including, web and cloud-based platforms, cross-repository systems, and machine learning.

Gimmal has always been at the forefront of these enhancements, pushing the boundaries when it comes to records management software. Today, we're excited to announce the next step in our evolution.

Gimmal and BA Insight: Powering Intelligent Records Management Through Enhanced Search

Gimmal is partnering with BA Insight, a leader in AI-powered search software, to provide enterprise search within Gimmal Records Management. BA Insight’s software provides a complementary cross-repository technology built upon an artificial intelligence search platform, and their main focus is findability, manageability, and classification of content throughout the organization.

BA Insight provides complementary cross-repository technology built upon a search platform, integrated with Microsoft Cognitive Services, focused on the findability and classification of content throughout the organization. Their powerful search platform allows users to search all sources of information available in Gimmal Records Management and receive personalized and relevant search results by combining records, metadata, and full-text searches into one interface.

Better Accuracy, Simpler Processes

By bringing artificial intelligence into the realm of records management, the speed and accuracy of how content is located and managed are incredible. We will no longer have to rely on end users to know where documents or records reside, whether they even exist, if they are physical or electronic, what format they are in, we can increase findability tenfold.

AI and Records Management: A Natural Pair

Together, Gimmal and BA Insight will boost records management software to its next stage of evolution by helping organizations better manage their records and information lifecycle while maximizing findability across numerous content repositories. Organizations will be able to reduce risk, improve productivity, and maximize compliance with the power of AI records management

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How to Manage Your Sprawling Content

Sprawling content, the spread of content across multiple repositories, has been a thorn in the side of records managers since the dawn of document management. Consolidation of repositories, which began in the early 2000s, at first looked to be the solution. However, it ended up highlighting the problems of content sprawl due to the high costs of consolidation as well as need for records managers to manage multiple file plans. Federated records management offers a solution to these problems but doesn’t offer the same locked-down approach with regards to regulation that consolidation can. Consolidation of repositories and federated records management both have pros and cons and, depending on your organization’s content management processes and repositories, one can be more beneficial than the other in the long term.

What's the Point of Federated Records Management?

Storing vital information across various repositories can get complicated and daunting, a burden that is all too often placed upon the end-users. As your organization has grown, odds are the number of places or repositories to store your content has grown proportionally, if not at a greater rate. If you’re having trouble managing all your content in various repositories, implementing a federated management system can help. No longer would it be necessary to go through multiple complicated processes to locate, dispose of, or otherwise manage documents and records. Letting a federated records management system simplify your content allows for your organization to be more efficient.

We're headed to Vegas for SharePoint Conference 2019!

We're excited for this year's SharePoint Conference, which will be held next week in Las Vegas, Nevada. We'll be at booth #308 helping IT professionals understand how all the unique components of an information management strategy should fit together. Come by and create your ideal Lego information manager at our booth!