October 16, 2017

Gimmal Workplace Compliance Now Includes In-Place Policy Management

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Today, we're excited to launch a new version of Gimmal Workplace Compliance!

Our flagship solution now includes new federated policy management features for high volumes of content – keeping information "in place" in the business system where it resides. 

This enables enterprises to avoid the cost and burden of migrating content or training users to tag or classify content. These enhancements also provide customers with additional deployment options, including software-as-a-service.

The process of applying policies across repositories, whether in the cloud or on premises, is now simpler than ever. This latest release provides improved automation through rule sets and rules-based triggers. By adding rules to policies to classify content instead of relying on manual tagging, Workplace Compliance simplifies and improves the information governance process. These enhanced features allow for complete information governance across the enterprise, no matter the repository.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Apply centralized policies to all information across any repository
  • Improve data security with a content rules engine that classifies content
  • Classify and manage data across disparate systems without moving it to a proprietary data store
  • Destroy unwanted and obsolete content at the end of the information lifecycle
  • Content classification that categorizes content based on similar textual elements
  • Create proactive policies ensuring content is managed according to risk and value
  • Eliminate eDiscovery mistakes by placing records or entire case files on legal hold

“This release is a revolutionary step forward in the governance of information and greatly simplifies an enterprise’s ability to implement an overarching information governance solution with little or no end-user involvement or impact to its current internal systems,” said David Quackenbush, Gimmal’s Chief Executive Officer.

We offer an open webinar every Tuesday at 11AM Central Time with more information on building and maintaining an information governance plan for all corporate information. Visit http://bit.ly/gimmal-demo to register!

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