November 11, 2019

Creating Compliance in Chaos: A Consultant's Story

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Records and Information Management (RIM) is constantly changing and evolving as record managers begin to realize the benefits of automation in their daily operations. In my 6 years of consulting, I have seen everything from heavily manual business processes to automated document management solutions.  Even as time goes by, information professionals continue to face the long-standing hardship of trying to get end users to comply with either internal or external regulations when it comes to records management.  Lately, there has been an apparent shift from rigid business centric solutions to end user centric solutions. 

One example of this shift that comes to mind is my experience with a large non-profit on the East Coast. My client did not want to burden the users with information governance policies. As a result, they allowed all employers to have full control of their sites and did not make metadata required.  There was no document library standardization, nor a standard process for creating collaboration sites.  

To most IT and records management teams, an environment like this would make their hair fall out. At this company, this kind of chaos was the normal environment records managers had to navigate through. The major question they were faced with was: How can our organization not burden users with RIM methodologies while still adhering to legal and regulatory compliance? 

While some may choose to do nothing or vaguely claim to already “have a process for that”, good records managers are able to identify user-friendly solutions to help manage their document chaos.  Highly adaptable software enables records managers to apply proper information governance without disrupting their business processesWhile working with this non-profit, we were able to identify commonalities among their content and utilize the pattern matching capabilities within Gimmal's Records Management software.  This allowed them to manage about 80% of the 10 million documents in their environment. For the other 20%, we developed custom solutions using their native repository’s functionality to assist in managing the non-compliant information. In addition to an intelligent software solution, implementing a solid change management plan allowed this organization to help teach their users the importance of good information governance thus setting them down the road of becoming information governance rock stars AND allowing users to focus on what really matters to them.  

User adoption can be one of the biggest challenges while implementing new solutions.  More and more we are seeing the benefits of adapting RIM processes to end users instead of forcing these users to comply with stringent information governance. Creating minimal disruption to user workflows seems to be key for a successful adoption.  For more information on how Gimmal achieves this, check out the webinar: Manage Information Anywhere with Gimmal. 

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