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Come to ARMA Houston's 2018 Spring Conference and be a records management hero!

Gimmal is proud to be exhibiting at ARMA Houston's 2018 Spring Conference. This year, we're empowering records managers across the U.S. to reach their information management potential and be the heroes their organizations deserve.

We're excited to unveil our theme for this year's ARMA regional shows at ARMA Houston. Come by booth #9 to learn how Rebecca Records and Gary Governance work together to protect information and help it achieve its full potential. Attendees who visit our booth with be entered in a drawing to win a secret prize on April 24th that any true records management hero would be glad to own.

Modern enterprises need cloud-based, in place records management

Today, companies rely on lots of different systems to manage records and information. Most records management systems are built upon restrictive technologies that require on-premise implementations and do not allow integration with multiple platforms. These limitations demand labor-intensive, manual processes, and force records managers to expend a lot of effort managing rules across multiple systems.

We'll be highlighting Gimmal Records Management, cloud-based software that simplifies records management and offers seamless integration with all of your content platforms. And of course, no hero is complete without a sidekick.

Trading-Card_Male-1Meet Rebecca Records and Gary Governance

Content governance and records management work hand-in-hand to fight improper classification, unsecured information, and the unnecessary retention of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data that clogs systems and exposes organizations to risk.

Starting at ARMA Houston, Rebecca Records and Gary Governance will be touring the U.S. to take a bite out of ROT and save organizations from the headaches of improper content management and unenforced file plans.

Register today

If you haven't already, it's not too late to register to attend! Come and visit us at booth #9 and keep an eye out for Gimmal swag at the breakfast. We hope to see you there!


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