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Invest in Innovation, not Maintenance

 Last week, we identified legacy ECM systems as a target for cost reduction in IT spend. Their specialized nature and the parallel infrastructure they create introduce all types of ongoing costs and maintenance requirements. The Lean IT Blog writes:

Eliminate Wasteful Systems to Improve Productivity

As discussed in our prior post in this series, any lean IT organization should strive to eliminate waste in order to improve agility. One way to do this is to identify redundant platforms that may no longer fit into your business’ long-term strategy.

Build a Transparent Digital Workplace with a Lean IT Philosophy

IT systems are business systems, full-stop. As technology platforms mature, IT leaders should look for ways to improve the efficiency of their processes in the same way that a manufacturing or services business unit does. How we manage a supply chain can inform our strategy for optimizing our technology stacks and information management processes as well. This emerging philosophy of IT management has been branded “lean IT.”

Understanding the Value in SAP Content Management

Last week, we discussed the importance of enterprise content management (ECM) for unstructured SAP data, and compared how the project startup and procurement stages of such a project tend to play out between traditional and Microsoft-based systems.

Make SAP Content Actionable Across Your Organization

There are a couple avenues companies can pursue when considering an enterprise content management (ECM) strategy for content tied to SAP processes.

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