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[Infographic] Choosing SharePoint On-Premises vs. Office 365 for ECM

Our friends over at KnowledgeLake put together an infographic where you will be introduced to some important decision factors on choosing SharePoint On-Premises vs. Office 365 for enterprise content management. Take a look below!

Shep Hyken: Use Customer Data to Create a Better Customer Experience

Our good friend Shep Hyken blogged this week about too much data not being a good thing in customer service. Ecstatic that such as well known customer service guru is talking about information governance and we thought we'd share his thoughts with all of you.

Why SharePoint Projects Fail [Infographic]

Recently, AIIM, the global community of information professionals, published the results of a research study titled Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint - important strategy choices. They polled 422 members of their community to get an idea of what the current state of SharePoint user adoption was.

Data Encryption & SharePoint Online

Raise your hand if you haven't been impacted by a data breach in the last year. If your hand is up, data privacy and encryption is something you probably wish you didn't have to care about. If your hand is down you are probably one of the information technology or security folks that may be mad at me before you finish reading this post about data encryption and SharePoint Online.

Resolving SharePoint Records Management Shortcomings

SharePoint Records Management has limitations... Whether you are considering using SharePoint as a repository for records or have been using it for years, you likely have your opinions on whether or it's a viable option. There are a lot of software vendors in the business wanting you to think SharePoint is not the answer. However, truth is that there are a lot of organizations currently using it for records management, with and without third party customizations.

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