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5 Things You May Not Know About OneDrive for Business

Microsoft has been playing some marketing tricks on us, but they are not all necessarily bad. OneDrive for Business is a great example. The personal OneDrive product was and just is a personal cloud file share, much like Google Drive, iCloud Drive or even DropBox. However, Microsoft often uses the same name to brand two very different products such as Skype (for business) and in this case, OneDrive for Business.

5 Things CIOs Must Know About Their Information Governance Program

In most organizations anything having to do with information falls under the umbrella of the CIO. The concept of information governance is surely at the top of that list. Traditionally, the task of governing information hasn’t exactly been the CIOs sweet spot over the last decade or ever. Therefore, we wanted to share 5 (five) things a CIO needs to know about information governance to be successful.

The Future of SharePoint Records Management

Yesterday Microsoft held an event entitled "The Future of SharePoint" in which they unveiled a new cloud and mobile focused vision for SharePoint. Let's briefly discuss some of the announcements and what impact they may have on SharePoint records management.

What is Dark Data and How Can It Be Cleaned Up?

I recently came across a great blog post on a term called Dark Data and the importance of cleaning it up. According to Gartner, Dark Data is the information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes. This very well written post by Rick Delgado (@ricknotdelgado) discusses several aspects about the importance of cleaning up this dark data. My post will just summarize the key points, but I highly recommend reading the post directly.

After You Die, What Happens To The Digital You?

I’m going to take a short detour off business today and post something a little different. Have you ever wondered about the disposition action for the “digital you?”

Box vs SharePoint: A Cloud Governance War

A customer of ours recently asked us if they should use Box or SharePoint Online (Office 365). Guess what we asked next? You're probably thinking the same thing we did... "what exactly are you needing to do?"

Why Do People Hate SharePoint?

I found this post today while reading through my daily news feeds, and with a title like "Why Do People Hate SharePoint?" I just had to click it. What kept me reading was the truth of the opening paragraph...

Office 365 – More Governance on the Way

  About three years ago I was wondering if the wheels had really fallen off the Microsoft bus and the thought of Office 365 compliance had not entered my mind. My latest venture had not yet begun and I was not an Office 365 user. I had heard rumors that adoption of the platform was going well, and while I knew it was mainly because of Exchange, I wondered about the rest of the platform. Being that the past 10 years of my life had been based around SharePoint, and although I was moving our organization into an agnostic position, I knew we would find more success if Microsoft would start pushing governance onto their cloud platform.

OneDrive Adds Governance Controls

In a recent article on the Office Blog, new IT management controls were introduced for OneDrive for Business. While the author, Reuben Krippner, called these management controls, it was evident that these are mostly governance capabilities being added to their business based cloud file storage. Thank you Reuben and glad to hear Microsoft is taking Information Governance seriously.

5 Key Steps for Defensible Disposition of Structured Data

Our friends at Information Governance Solutions (IGS) have started a blog series on the 5 key steps for Defensible Disposition of Structured Data. During this series they will discuss the business problem / challenges of managing structured data long-term and how a “Defensible Disposition of Structured Data” program can help organizations responsibly address those challenges in a most cost effective manner.

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