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IoT is a Minefield for Data Privacy, Information Security and eDiscovery

The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded in the last few years. From thermostats to cars, thousands of items can now collect, store and transmit data. The question many general counsel are asking is how does this affect data privacy, information security and eDiscovery?

Why Are Companies Initiating Information Governance Programs?

The Data Genomics 2016 survey reveals a few key reasons why many companies are beginning information governance programs. Not suprisingly, overall information within organizations is growing at a rate of 39% each year.

No Surprise, Data Breaches Continue to Rise

There were 1,792 data breaches in 2016, which led to almost 1.4 billion data records being exposed worldwide, according to the Breach Level Index (BLI) report from Gemalto. This is up nearly 300% from 2015.

SharePoint Framework Out for General Release

Microsoft has pushed SharePoint into general release. As some of you may be aware, this is a big release for SharePoint developers everywhere.

Unified Data Loss Protection in Office 365

Every organization has sensitive data that is especially important to protect. Files containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), for example must be guarded against data breach or accidental loss.

Important Ways Office 365 is More Secure Than On-Premises Services

The traditional logic would indicate that storing data on-premises in a private datacenter would be safer than in the cloud. However, that's not always the case. In fact, depending on the scenario, the cloud is indeed much more secure and reliable.

7 Tips for Managing Files as Records in Shared Drives

We're not here to tell you to leave all of your information on (file shares in) shared drives, however we have learned after working with many customers needing Records and Information Management solutions that sometimes it’s just better to leave your files in place. At least for a while. Placing record retention policies on files (on your shared drives) is very feasible if you stay within reasonable bounds.

SharePoint Records Management: 3 Must Haves in Hybrid Deployments

SharePoint Records Management can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to manage and even more difficult to see what’s going on. In addition to this, managing records and information in a hybrid deployment, where an organization uses both SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online, only makes the task more difficult.

Azure Rights Management support available for Office for iPad and iPhone

A recent article on the Office blog discusses Microsoft's discussion around bringing encryption to all platforms. At the heart of these technologies is Azure Rights Management, which allows you to protect data by assigning a policy to the data easily in Office 2013. ARM protects information from unauthorized access, both internal and external and easily enforces policies to improve security.

Subject vs. Case Record Categories: How are they different?

One of the most important principles in record keeping is classifying information into its appropriate bucket so that it can be properly managed and disposed of. Doing this means you need to create a solid file plan which requires that you understand the two types of record categories that may exist.

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