June 6, 2017

Let's Revamp Analyst Reports to Reflect How Businesses Work

2 minute read

Gimmal Founder Mike Alsup has written a piece on CMSWire.com examining the state of the analyst report and how it relates to the ecosystems these reports cover.

He writes:

Historically, ECM/TCS solutions were best of breed amalgamations of ECM products from multiple ECM vendors to solve business problems. For 

example, businesses would frequently integrate Kofax, as a capture component into other ECM/TCS solutions. Kofax now scores a spot in the TCS wave because it directly offers all of the TCS components. 

In 2016, we saw numerous Fortune 200 companies switch from legacy ECM suites to SharePoint to manage their enterprise content, with more planning to do the same in 2017. Our clients say they want ECM/TCS solutions that leverage SharePoint and Office 365. Forrester excludes this alternative from its TCS Wave analysis because not all of the solution components are Microsoft products.  

Businesses are replacing their legacy ECM suites with a combination of SharePoint and Office 365 licenses used in tandem with best of breed components that extend SharePoint for workflow, capture, records management or report management.

In light of this, do current reports undersell the Microsoft ecosystem by neglecting to properly assess how it works? Mike concludes: "Any assessment of ECM and records management solutions today should include an analysis of the independent software vendors that make up the Microsoft ecosystem." Read the full article for a complete perspective!

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