May 22, 2017

What Comes Next for ECM? Transparent Systems

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CMSWire published a piece by Gimmal Founder Mike Alsup today, in which he charts his vision for the future of enterprise content management (ECM). He writes:

The future of enterprise content management (ECM) is coming, and it is going to be hard for many vendors to keep up.

My friend John Mancini, Chief Evangelist of AIIM, recently described his vision of ECM’s future

Inspired in part by the rash of acquisitions and consolidation in the market in 2016, Mancini foresees ECM moving into a “System of Understanding.” His perspective on the past and future of ECM (as seen in the table below) put into focus several issues I’ve been grappling with and resulted in this question:

“What if the future is more like the past?”

Further on, Mike continues: "In my version of [Mancini's] chart, ECM would move not to Systems of Understanding, but to Transparent Systems."

A revised view of the future: transparent systems

For a deep dive into transparent systems and the future of ECM, read the full article at!

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