April 25, 2017

What Does Gimmal's RecordLion Buy Mean for IG? We'll Tell You

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Recently, Jim Amsler of GlassIG wrote an analysis of Gimmal's acquisition of RecordLion entitled “What Does the Gimmal Acquisition of RecordLion Mean for IG?

Today, Gimmal SVP and Founder Mike Alsup teamed up with VP of Engineering Chris Caplinger to pen a response. They write:

We waited to respond until Microsoft’s Advanced Data Governance announcement on April 4, because it allows us to better characterize the hybrid content governance challenges 

that most organizations need to address, including organizations that use Office 365, SharePoint, Share Drives and email.  [...]

Gimmal is still looking for case studies of successful federated cloud records management implementations in large companies, but we have learned some important things on our path to hybrid content governance.

In short, they say, "Does our buy of RecordLion mean we're giving up on repository-based governance? Not a chance."

To learn more about how Gimmal plans to respond to the challenges that face organizations looking to move to hybrid content governance, read the full article at CMSWire.com!

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