April 13, 2017

SharePoint and OneDrive Now Support 3D Files and DICOM Images

1 minute read

Via mspoweruser.com:

Microsoft has recently updated OneDrive for Business and SharePoint to support more file formats through their web viewing experience. They now support over 250 different file formats including [...[...] 3D files, DICOM images, and more.

They have now improved the video player to make it significantly faster by streaming high-quality videos without requiring them to fully download before playback.

The addition of 3D file support (including 3mf, fbx, obj, ply, and stl files) makes it easier for designers and engineers to collaborate. Healthcare professionals will have quicker access to x-rays, CT scans and other medical imaging with support for DICOM image formats (dcm, dcm30, dic, dicm, dicom).

Read more at mspoweruser.com!

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