April 7, 2017

Microsoft Delivers Advanced Data Governance: Mike Alsup Responds

1 minute read

Gimmal Founder Mike Alsup has posted to the AIIM Community Blog in response to Microsoft's announcement of the release of Advanced Data Governance for Office 365.

He writes:

There are several features released including intelligent data import, threat protection and information governance.  Of significant relevance 

are the new capabilities around information governance policy.


These additions to the O365 service add a great deal of flexibility for information governance and retention. At the marketing level, these features may seem to fill all possible requirements for a compliant information governance initiative.  It is important to understand specific customer requirements and use cases that may make some of these features less applicable to a given situation.

For more on Microsoft's new retention policy and classification capabilities, as well as an analysis of how robust those features may prove to be, read the full article at AIIM.org!

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