April 5, 2017

Microsoft's New Advanced Data Governance: First Impressions

1 minute read

Gimmal CTO Brad Teed commented on Microsoft's release of Advanced Data Governance today on CMSWire. In his article, he examines these new features and what they mean to the Microsoft ecosystem at large from an information governance and policy perspective. He writes:

 While retention policies are nothing new for Microsoft, this release marks a big step forward in information governance capabilities coming out of Redmond, Wash.


Microsoft deserves credit for listening to its clients and taking this leap forward. For those of us committed to the platform, we are happy to see these capabilities.  While adding some great capabilities, we believe organizations will find that some compliance requirements and information handling processes will require broader and deeper functionality in specific areas.

He goes on to discuss unified retention policies, the simplification of classification labels, and takes a deeper dive into new Office 365 governance capabilities before giving his first impressions on how these features will fit into existing business processes.

For the full story, check out CMSWire.com!

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