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SharePoint Records Management: Online vs 2016 On-Premises

When it comes to SharePoint records management, the process and strategy is dependent on whether your organization uses On-Premises or Online. A recent blog article from Sharegate goes over the differences in detail in a helpful way.

We wrote a recent blog post regarding three areas of focus for SharePoint records management and their importance to your overall information governance strategy. Organizations have been slowly moving to the cloud because of the flexibility it offers. SharePoint Online has many advantages to its on-premise counterpoint (in fact, we here at RecordLion use SharePoint Online). People are working in new ways and expect to be able to access files from almost any device. However, this ubiquity of access can present issues for a records manager if a proper process is not in place.

Click here to read the Sharegate comparison in full

No matter which version of SharePoint your organization uses, RecordLion for SharePoint was designed to fill the 33 gaps needed by F1000 that are not included in a SharePoint out of the box solution. RecordLion was developed to work with SharePoint On-Premises and  SharePoint Online (Office 365), so regardless of your deployment scenario, you are covered. Click below to learn more about how third-party add-ons like RecordLion can improve your SharePoint records management.

By Chris Caplinger

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Why should an organization care about records management? When users throughout all departments are creating new records without a thought to how they are cataloged or tagged, the sprawl of records can become a real threat. Unstructured data can lead to compliance issues for highly regulated industries. When proper records management isn’t a top priority, content that should have been disposed of for security purposes is left vulnerable for anyone to find and distribute.  

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Records and Information Management (RIM) is constantly changing and evolving as record managers begin to realize the benefits of automation in their daily operations. In my 6 years of consulting, I have seen everything from heavily manual business processes to automated document management solutions.  Even as time goes by, information professionals continue to face the long-standing hardship of trying to get end users to comply with either internal or external regulations when it comes to records management.  Lately, there has been an apparent shift from ridged business centric solutions to end user centric solutions. 

Gimmal at ARMA International InfoCon 2019

Once a year, members in the records management community come together for ARMA’s annual conference to discuss the latest advancements and best practices for modern information managers.  ARMA, the global authority of information management and governance, hosted this year’s conference, ARMA InfoCon, in Nashville, TN. While attendees were not in the typical “record” industry that Nashville is known for, the location called for a great mix of music and information management knowledge.