March 10, 2017

SharePoint Records Management Initiatives Driven by Security Fears

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A recent survey from AIIM highlights the drivers for organizations to undergo or re-evaluate their information governance and SharePoint records management initiatives.

Nearly six in ten stated compliance and data loss issues are causing their companies to initiate tighter information governance management procedures. Additionally, 44% of mid-sized organizations echoed those concerns while smaller businesses rated cost savings and productivity improvements among their main reasons for a SharePoint records management project.

Unfortunately, the number of companies with IG policies that drive decisions is quite low at only 15%. Even worse, 29% of those surveyed have no IG policies at all.

There are still a number of issues that are still creating problems for enterprises:

  • 39 percent describe their email management as “chaotic”, including the largest organizations
  • 55 percent agree that email is their big untagged, ungoverned, high-risk content type
  • 22 percent believe that their enterprise content management project (ECM) is stalled and admit they are still dependent on their network file-shares
  • 38 percent are actively focused on extending their ECM functionality
  • 30 percent are improving collaboration and 21 percent are working on mobile and remote access
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The research also revealed that more than half of enterprises have three or more ECM systems in place and nearly a quarter have five or more.

It also found that enterprises are using numerous systems for a wide range of tasks: classic suite-based systems tied to process applications, one or more SharePoint records management deployments, a number of simpler document management systems in use in different departments and a dedicated imaging system.

You can read the full results of the AIIM survey here.

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