February 17, 2017

The Information Age is Getting Old: The Value of Information

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The world of information is changing and so is the value of that information.  In the 1980s, mainstream electronic information was a novelty.  The 1990s welcomed the ability to communicate easier.  The 2000s brought creation of information at a much faster pace.  Big data and the value of information has been the most recent development. 

This presidential campaign has hinted at a shift in the Information Age—one of winners and losers based on information.  This idea has existed before through email and e-discovery, but the concept of using all available information to manipulate decisions, litigation, and exposure is expected to blossom. 

The winners will be the organizations that prepare through proper governance.  The losers will be those caught not governing their information.  The losers will suffer from competitive disadvantages, expensive litigation and/or security incidents (even breaches), and higher related costs.  They will suffer job losses and massive changes to their business systems and processes.  


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We are moving toward a work environment that heavily emphasizes how users create, share, store, and delete information.  However, the promised land is one where users and IT do not need to focus on information governance. 

Ideally, users and IT are not burdened with decisions about classification and disposition of information, but rather left to do their core job functions.  Ideally, Legal can remove the governance burden from the business through pragmatic technology. 

Traditional governance methods are not adequate.  Policies are essential, but do nothing to address the problem without proper application.  Organizations need a simple, automated way to apply policies directly to information without disrupting business user processes.  

This can be achieved today.  This is the next phase of the Information Age.  Be a winner in this changing world.

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