November 1, 2016

Innovative Ideas for Initiating Your Information Governance Program

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A recent article from ARMA in their Information Management publication highlighted five case studies that provided insight into how professionals are using everyday business challenges to initiate Information Governance programs. 

1. IG Improves Information Availability - The record snowfall in New England in 2015 brought many businesses to an abrupt halt.  This was the situation for a law firm that had been resisting the digital movement and kept everything in paper format.  The snowfall had an adverse impact on casework and attorneys were virtually paralyzed because they didn't have access to any files.  This weather-disaster is exactly what was needed to convince the firm it is time digitize the files and to "…ensure the information is protected according to policy and client expectation."

2. IG Streamlines Processes - The downturn in the oil and gas industry has created an increase in merger, acquisition and divestiture (MAD) activities.  This created an abundance of separate work teams and resulted in "islands of information" that were at risk.  RIM leaders convinced executive management that involving RIM in the core MAD team would streamline this process and reduce the risk of losing information.


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3. IG Ensure Compliance - A consulting firm has rigid compliance requirements that are crucial to retaining clients in a highly competitive environment.  The RIM manager seized this opportunity to "…jump start his firm's IG program."  The IG program provides a competitive edge by applying best practices, training and new processes to support defensible disposition.


4. IG Controls Risk - In the financial services industry increased regulation has spurred RIM managers to join forces with the "…compliance and internal audit teams to create a set of "controls" for major RIM categories…".  Knowledge is now shared across the teams, and the compliance and internal audit teams are now educated on RIM and IG practices.


5. IG Protects Intellectual Assets - In the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, mergers, acquisitions and divestiture (MAD) is practically a way of life.  At one company, the RIM leader secured a seat at the MAD team table to ensure RIM practices are in consideration throughout the lifecycle of MAD process.  The company's records contain intellectual property that must be preserved.  The RIM leader helped initiate processes to identify records of value and also redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data to reduce the amount of data that has to be transitioned during the acquisition.

 The original article from ARMA can be found here on page 20.

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