October 6, 2016

Your Information Governance Program: Best Practices for Success

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A recent article from Doculabs highlighted their thoughts around some information governance program best practices. We pulled a few of the main points out below.

#1: Best Practices for Overall Program and Framework Strategy

  • Developed and implemented comprehensive organizational compliance strategy and roadmap which together address and align all relevant areas of compliance and risk

#2: Best Practices for Policies and Procedures

  • Has established appropriate policy oversight, policies, and efforts to set required standards, guidance, and enforcement to meet compliance and risk requirements

#3: Best Practices for Processes and Operations

  • Fully developed and implemented processes relevant to compliance and information lifecycle management, from creation and ingestion of information through disposition

#4: Best Practices for Information Technology and Management

  • Fully established architecture strategy, standards, and portfolio for: IG tools and capabilities; social, mobile, and cloud capabilities; RM tools and capabilities; and e-discovery tools and capabilities

#5: Best Practices for Physical Assets and Environment

  • Fully established physical and environmental for physical protections of the data center, other secure processing areas, physical assets, and data from theft, damage, or loss

#6: Best Practices for Roles and Responsibilities

  • Fully established roles and responsibilities for the various IG sub-domains (information security, privacy, risk, records management, etc.), with clear separation of duty and authority

#7: Best Practices for Metrics, Measurement, and Monitoring

  • Fully established key objectives and measures of program success, and comprehensive tracking of defined metrics within the program

#8: Best Practices for Communications and Training

  • Fully developed and implemented plan and program for communication and training

The original article can be found here.

This is a great outline of eight major areas of an information governance program. Additionally, we here at Gimmal believe in simplifying and automation the information governance process. This allows your end users to work normally and eliminates human error. 

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