September 15, 2016

So OpenText Buys Documentum: Making Sense of the Aftershocks

1 minute read

Shockwaves have ripped through the ECM market as OpenText has acquired Dell EMC, including popular legacy ECM Documentum for $1.62 billion.

Gimmal Founder and SVP Mike Alsup has penned a response to the purchase, and offers his perspective on what this means for existing Documentum customers and the ECM market at large.

From the article:

All Documentum customers have SharePoint and Office 365. I expect that many of them will use this acquisition to accelerate toward the Microsoft stack as opposed to the OpenText visions of ECM. 

I also expect many of these customers will continue to use Documentum. And by harvesting the maintenance and subscription revenue streams, OpenText can still make this a winning acquisition.

Overall, I think Box and OpenText suffer from not having their own equivalent of the Azure and Office 365 cloud, so that they are dependent on others.

Read the full piece at CMSWire! Leave your comments and perspectives below.

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