August 31, 2016

How to Amplify Your SharePoint Governance

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We all know how integral SharePoint is to an organization's information governance efforts. There are, however, a few points of emphasis that can drastically improve the effectiveness of your SharePoint governance program.

Engage Your Users

Everyday business users of SharePoint interact with your records for a variety of tasks throughout their workday. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey report conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), user adoption continues to be an issue for 58% of respondent organizations, with inadequate training and lack of management support being the primary problems. What these users may not be considering, however, is how their interaction affects the company's overall SharePoint governance environment.

This is where a comprehensive training program comes into play. Keep in mind these efforts are not the core of most end users' job responsibilities, so the training should be structured in a way that presents the required tasks as simple efficient. Remember, we want to be doing most of the heavy lifting behind the scenes with rules and automation while providing guidelines the end user can follow to keep this automation on track.


At its core, SharePoint is a collaboration tool. It is designed to intelligently find, share and move documents through their proper workflow. Creating and managing custom sites that fit your organization's needs is a key first step.

Another benefit of SharePoint is its scalability. With this is mind, it is often beneficial to manage custom sites and deployments with the future in mind. Just as your organization is constantly in a state of change, so will the nature of your overall SharePoint governance environment. Building and assessing in stages will help to ensure SharePoint remains an asset and not an over-engineered and inefficient ECM system.


[Infographic] Why SharePoint Governance Projects Fail


The other key point to consider around collaboration is the workflow between departments. Many records will change hands between accounting, legal and HR for example. By enacting standardized rules and policies, you can mitigate any potential compliance issues and keep a detailed audit trail.


The survey from AIIM mentioned above concludes that this under-utilization of SharePoint is a human issue versus a technology one. With that in mind, it is much simpler and more reliable to put in place a solid technological solution that eliminates an over-reliance on end user behavior. 

Here at RecordLion, our SharePoint governance solution is easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and involves little interaction from the everyday SharePoint user. Additionally, it is extremely flexible, scalable and built on automating as much of the governance process as possible.

Certainly, education and change management is important for the long-term SharePoint governance goals of any organization. However, this alone will not adequately provide the proper document lifecycle, defensible disposition, and compliance needed to meet today's data security requirements.

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