May 26, 2016

Office 365 Compliance: Enhancements simplify eDiscovery process

2 minute read

In an effort to continually improve Office 365 compliance, Microsoft has announced new enhancements to improve the eDiscovery process.

  • Enhanced case management and access controls
    • The eDiscovery page in the Security and Compliance Center now has an option for case management, allowing users to work on cases without leaving the compliance center
    • The case management feature controls who has access to the case, can place content sources on hold, and associate Compliance Searches with the case
  • Preserving vital information with Case Management Holds
    • Office 365 eDiscovery Case Management Holds allow the selection of mailboxes, OneDrive for Business sites, SharePoint sites and Office 365 groups that need to be preserved as part of an investigation
    • Applying a hold preserves all data in the selected source until released
    • Content is preserved in place, allowing users to continue to work on documents and email without any disruption while being preserved behind the scenes
  • More granular search capabilities with Permissions
    • You can create granular searches to search either a small number of locations or the entire organization
    • Any searches created as part of an eDiscovery case are only accessible by those who are a part of the case
    • Searches can also be used to identify data to be analyzed with Advanced eDiscovery, which is a tool that streamlines the process further
  • Faster and more enhanced export capabilities
    • You can export the results from searching tens of thousands of mailboxes in a single PST export
    • Additionally, the export contains the metadata when SharePoint documents are downloaded

As we've discussed in the past, eDiscovery can be a significant financial burden. Any improvements in that process are crucial. Often overlooked, Office 365 compliance is a key factor in complete information governance. Is your current information governance program covering all of your bases? 

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