January 15, 2016

Implementing an Electronic Records Management System

2 minute read

The Texas State Library recently posted an interesting article on implementing an electronic records management system. This presentation was part of their 2015 e-Records Conference, which can be found here. The focus of this presentation is how the City of Austin, Texas is managing the switch to a fully electronic records management system.

A point that was made early in this piece that although many governments (and private businesses for that matter), have IT, legal and management departments, it is the Records and Information Management (RIM) professional who can cut across all of these "silos" and create a truly inclusive records management program.

The City of Austin is basing their electronic records management system on a four stage lifecycle:

  • Creation: Who will create and upload records into the system?
  • Active: Who will need to access, edit and approve the records in the system?
  • Inactive: Who still needs access to the records? Who will need edit rights?
  • Disposition: Who reviews and approves the destruction of records in the system?

In this case, this system was rolled out in one specific department, the Purchasing Office, to receive feedback and evaluate its effectiveness. This allowed the team to identify gaps in their system and remedy them. For example, they found their initial setup lacked accountability.

This one particular case study is a small example of how creating and implementing an electronic records management system can improve the efficiency and compliance of any organization. Creating and applying policies to move records through an appropriate lifecycle is critical to maintaining an effective records management strategy that can be flexible and scalable.

At Gimmal, this is a tenant of the software we have designed. In-place records management allows you to apply these policies regardless of where your data lives. This encourages user compliance and causes minimal disruptions to established workflows. 

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