November 4, 2015

Shep Hyken: Use Customer Data to Create a Better Customer Experience

2 minute read

Our good friend Shep Hyken blogged this week about too much data not being a good thing in customer service. Ecstatic that such as well known customer service guru is talking about information governance and we thought we'd share his thoughts with all of you.

Shep states, customer data helps you understand trends and general customer preferences... the deep information that give you insight into why a customer buys from you, what they buy from you and when they buy from you. This data is probably not bundled up into a nice package for you to look at. It's likely in your #crm system, your purchasing systems and even scattered throughout your email server. This brings me to a key point Shep makes at the end of the article, which is Data is worthless unless you have the right data and then do something with it.

From experience, I have found that you can’t just create a better search experience to find this data, you have to dispose, archive or move the redundant, obsolete and trivial data out of the way so your queries pick up the right information and make it available to you. I just might know a company that can help you out with that!

By the way, a little more about Shep. He is an amazing speaker, bestselling author and customer service expert and I highly recommend checking out his blog.

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