October 15, 2015

The Need for Third-Party SharePoint Records Management Add Ons

1 minute read

Last week we posted about Bruce Miller's new book. Bruce has made an excerpt of Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint available for free on his website. You can CLICK HERE and navigate to the Reports section to download the excerpt, which is focused around the need for third-party SharePoint records management add-ons.

This brief, 5-page executive-oriented report is useful to make the case for the use of third-party Microsoft SharePoint records management add ons. The report has two sections:

Who is Using SharePoint Add Ons?

A representative sampling of over 120 organizations around the world who are currently using third-party recordkeeping add-ins for Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint's Native Recordkeeping

Why not simply use SharePoint's native (built-in) recordkeeping capabilities? This section explains in some detail the (three) key records management deficiencies in SharePoint

Visit Bruce's website and navigate to the Reports section to download the report.

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