August 28, 2015

Box vs SharePoint: A Cloud Governance War

2 minute read

A customer of ours recently asked us if they should use Box or SharePoint Online (Office 365). Guess what we asked next? You're probably thinking the same thing we did... "what exactly are you needing to do?"

Knowing the exact needs of your customer as well as their existing policies that are in place is critical. As mentioned in our recent post A Practical Approach to Information Governance, a PPT (People, Process, Technology) strategy has been shown to be an effective way to understand a company's information governance environment.

Jumping on either side of the debate and pitching a winning argument wouldn't be very hard. But what happens when you put Information Governance into the mix? There are no less than 20 options for cloud document storage and sharing, but we believe there are currently two companies leading the way when you need enterprise class governance built into the platform. The Box vs SharePoint question has become more and more frequent lately. Which one should you chose?

We can't answer that until we ask you some more questions, but the team here put together this infographic to help you compare the information governance capabilities of Box and SharePoint Online in Office 365.

box vs sharepoint

As the Box vs SharePoint battle wages on, we continue to evaluate our customers' needs based on all of the above factors. Our software helps to fill in the gaps that both of these solutions have and ensure your information governance is complete.

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