August 20, 2015

Records Management is Critical to Protecting Your Business

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We all know that records management is critical for keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. One underrated aspect however, is protecting yourself from fraudulent lawsuits. By creating a proactive strategy, you set your company up to be prepared for any issues related to records and don't have to rely on a reactive search and seek of miscellaneous emails or files. As anyone who has been through that process knows, it can be like finding the figurative needle in the haystack.

Consider the example in the article linked below: an employee who had several disciplinary issues claimed she was sexually harassed and was shortly thereafter terminated. There was a pattern of misbehavior by this employee including yelling at coworkers and "emotional outbursts". As a way to get back at her employer, the woman claimed it was her manager who had sexually harassed her. After her claim, she yet again yelled at another coworker, this time in front of patients and was promptly fired. The timing of her claim and the subsequent termination certainly could have looked suspicious. But because of the company's diligent records management plan, these claims of harassment were proven to be false and the suit was dropped.

This is just another example proving the necessity of a records management plan in all facets of your business. Whether it is SharePoint, email or even physical records, controlling the flow and management of these documents is critical and becomes increasingly difficult as time goes on and the number of files grows daily.

Below is the link to the original article:

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