May 5, 2015

Why SharePoint Projects Fail [Infographic]

2 minute read

Recently, AIIM, the global community of information professionals, published the results of a research study titled Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint - important strategy choices. They polled 422 members of their community to get an idea of what the current state of SharePoint user adoption was.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, I see and hear about SharePoint projects every week that are disasters. According to this AIIM research, almost two thirds of the users polled have projects that have stalled or are not meeting expectations. However, the data also shows that the reasons are more often than not, due to failures of the organization itself. Even poor Information Governance practices in general are to blame. Successful SharePoint projects require not only your IT team, but buy in from your IG team, the business units the implementation was intended to serve, and executives.

This includes user attitudes, deployment status and information on why SharePoint projects often fail.

Reading the paper, and being an Information Governance junkie, I didn't want the important points about Records and Information Management (RIM) to be missed. So, we decided to pull out some key data points related to RIM and put them into an infographic for ease of consumption. I hope you enjoy it.

Infographic on why sharepoint records management projects fail

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