July 22, 2012

Record or Non-Record: Everything needs to be governed

1 minute read
By Susan Cisco
Jul 22 2012

In a recent blog post by Monica Crocker, an AIIM expert Enterprise Records Management (ERM) blogger, she asks, "Does “record” or “non-record” really matter?" Monica asserts that because any piece of information, whether declared as a record or not, is discoverable, can become evidence, and is subject to legal hold, the label of record or non-record has become meaningless.

Further, the exponential growth of content faced by most organizations has created terabytes of electronic information stored in a multitude of formats and locations. Users are burdened with the needle in a haystack problem. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right content. Organizations are burdened with increased risk and increased eDiscovery costs by maintaining volumes of information beyond its expiration. Organizations need a way to manage all information that enables defensible deletion based on consistent policy. To solve this problem, all information needs to be classified and have a retention policy. The answer is information governance. To quote Monica “Since everything needs to be governed, everything needs a retention schedule and everything is subject to a Legal Hold, let’s just come up with a common approach to governing all that information.“ We agree. We are in the business of developing solutions to this challenge of information governance.

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