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Will Irwin
3 minute read

Records Management 101: What is a Record?

"What is a record?"  - This is one of the first questions organizations have when implementing a records management solution. It might seem like a basic question to ask,... Read More
Guest Author
9 minute read

Regulatory Information Management Systems: The What & the Why

 Regulatory Information Management Systems/Software, or RIMS, are platforms that have emerged to assist pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers in... Read More
Myah Wooldridge
15 minute read

What is Information Governance?

Now more than ever, Information Governance has become a high priority activity for most organizations. With information growing at a rapid rate, the potential risks that... Read More
John Couvillon
4 minute read

Answering the Content Migration Question

Have you ever heard anyone in your organization ask any of the following questions? “When are we going to get rid of this old OpenText Livelink platform? “Are we still... Read More
Dean Misenhimer
19 minute read

Why Email Archiving is Not Records Management

How we communicate with one another evolves as technology changes and we become a more mobile workforce. Mobile apps like WhatsApp, text messaging and collaboration tools... Read More
Nathan Hampson
5 minute read

How to Migrate Your SAP Database to SAP HANA

I have spoken before about the parallels of the transition of the SAP Application Database to SAP HANA and the gorgeous and dangerous road to Hana in Maui. The actual road... Read More
Veronica Puailoa
4 minute read

What is In-Place Records Management?

Storing critical business information across various repositories can be a complicated and daunting burden often placed upon end-users. As your organization continues to... Read More
Veronica Puailoa
6 minute read

Creating a Retention Schedule that Works

Creating a usable, automated, and simple file plan is an important part of ensuring records are managed in a consistent manner and that you are protected from legal risks,... Read More
Chris Caplinger
11 minute read

Improving Records Disposition in Microsoft 365

I recently wrote an article about how we improve retention labels in Microsoft 365 (M365) and wanted to continue on the topic of improving the ever growing Microsoft... Read More

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