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Just Trip Over Them

Posted by Brad Teed On March 14, 2018

Today is a sad day – when we learned of the passing of renowned physicist and author, Stephen W. Hawking. Most of us know of him through his guest appearances on popular television programs or through some book we had to read in college.

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Look Around Your Office: A Practical Records Management Strategy

Posted by Brad Teed On March 9, 2018

Working with a broad range of industries throughout the years on their information governance and records management initiatives, one thing that constantly baffles the mind: Organizations still place the keystone responsibility to make their initiative successful in the hands of the user.

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Your Records Strategy Should Evolve with Your Business

Posted by Jude O'Neill On March 1, 2018

Think back ten or fifteen years. How many different collaboration systems was your organization using? You were probably handling a lot of paper, trying to empty your email inbox, and storing important files in a document management system.  

Today, that has all changed. If you’re like most people, you may be working with network file shares, one or more document management systems, an ERP...

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5 Habits of Highly Effective Records Managers

Posted by Andrew Borgschulte On January 18, 2017

What does it take to become (and remain) a highly effective records manager? Records and information manager roles are adapting to adjust to the ever-changing business environment. This post lays out five habits that highly effective records managers focus on every day.

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