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Transparent Systems: The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Content Management

Posted by Cynthia Wood On July 7, 2017

Manual content management takes up too much time to be productive. As we said in our last post in this series, employees in traditional/paper-based offices spend six hours a week on average searching for paper documents and eight hours per week creating reports. With productivity at such a premium, this time investment is not sustainable.

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Simple Experiences Equal Better Compliance

Posted by Cynthia Wood On June 27, 2017

The future is coming fast, and a reactive approach will never be able to keep up. As we build our information governance plans, we should not only use the present as a benchmark, but also anticipate what our business will need from it in the future.

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Don't Gamble With Your Data: Information Governance Programs Mitigate Risk

Posted by Shawn Cosby On May 31, 2017

If there is one thing to take away from the last year, it is that information should not be taken for granted. Not only can a data breach cause huge issues, but it can actually be used to generate revenue.

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A New Platform is not a New Strategy: Don’t Migrate Your Problems along with Your Content

Posted by Cynthia Wood On May 3, 2017

For many large organizations seeking to update and improve their content management strategy, Microsoft SharePoint provides an opportunity to "start fresh.” However, while SharePoint may overcome some of the limitations of legacy platforms, it is not a magic bullet. Without a fresh focus on information architecture and governance, old – and familiar – ways of doing things can easily carry over...

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Don't Get Burned by Improper Data Disposal

Posted by Kevin Bley On January 19, 2017

Dr. Stephen Hawking stated that one can theoretically pull data out of a black hole, but does that mean you should store your data in the most efficient storage device in the universe?

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Digital Workplace Checklist: Improve the Value of Your Information

Posted by Cynthia Wood On December 1, 2016

The value we can extract from information stems from how well we are able to leverage that information. One of the key benefits of the digital workplace model is found in increasing the ROI of business information.

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5 Key Steps for Defensible Disposition of Structured Data

Posted by Chris Caplinger On July 28, 2015

Our friends at Information Governance Solutions (IGS) have started a blog series on the 5 key steps for Defensible Disposition of Structured Data. During this series they will discuss the business problem / challenges of managing structured data long-term and how a “Defensible Disposition of Structured Data” program can help organizations responsibly address those challenges in a most cost...

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Setting the Stage for the Automatic Disposition - Success Stories

Posted by Mariana Juarez On July 13, 2014

By Susan Cisco

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