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How can Office 365 Improve Information Management?

Posted by Jude O'Neill On October 20, 2017

Office 365 provides an excellent foundation for organizations to improve information management and productivity in the cloud.  But what about Office 365 makes it the ideal starting place for your policy initiatives?

It's all about flexibility and integration. With the right extensions, Office 365 can also provide structure to a hybrid environment that includes on-premises systems and other...

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Gimmal Workplace Compliance Now Includes In-Place Policy Management

Posted by Jude O'Neill On October 16, 2017

Today, we're excited to launch a new version of Gimmal Workplace Compliance!

Our flagship solution now includes new federated policy management features for high volumes of content – keeping information "in place" in the business system where it resides. 

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AI, IG and what it all means: Our Interview with Reid Smith

Posted by Jude O'Neill On October 10, 2017

Recently, Gimmal interviewed Reid Smith, co-founder and CEO at i2k Connect. The mission of i2k Connect is to revolutionize information discovery using its novel artificial intelligence (AI) technology, informed by industry knowledge, to transform unstructured documents into structured data.

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Hurricane Harvey Update

Posted by Jude O'Neill On August 28, 2017

Below is a letter to our customer and partner community from Gimmal CEO, K. David Quackenbush.

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Why Office 365 Is the Ideal SAP Archiving Platform

Posted by Jude O'Neill On August 22, 2017

As HANA adoption continues to mount, archiving is becoming an increasingly more essential component to any SAP content management strategy. One major reason for planning is that HANA doesn’t scale like traditional systems.

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Vote for Gimmal in the InfoGovCon 2017 Awards!

Posted by Jude O'Neill On August 3, 2017

Information Governance Conference 2017 is closing in, and the award nominations have just opened! As they describe it:

"This conference is the premier gathering of the leaders in the field of Information Governance. It is designed to offer exceptional educational and networking opportunities to increase the effectiveness information efforts, while sharing best practices."
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Engines of Change: Tesla is Challenged

Posted by Jude O'Neill On July 14, 2017

Tesla’s share price dropped 13% over last week, in what was the stock’s worst week in roughly 18 months. The low represented an 18% drop in just a month. This loss has been chalked up to a variety of factors, including missed numbers and a poor showing in a safety test.

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Information: the MVP of the Digital Workplace

Posted by Jude O'Neill On June 28, 2017

Now that Russell Westbrook is the MVP of the 2016-2017 NBA season, one begins to wonder: what is the real MVP of the workplace?

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Amazon Snaps Up Whole Foods: Time for Some Change

Posted by Jude O'Neill On June 23, 2017

Analysts are clamoring over Amazon’s recent $14 billion acquisition of Whole Foods. Some are calling it the first step in a move to (further) reinvent distribution, while the supermarket industry is casting Amazon as a “destroyer of worlds.”

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If you missed our webinar with ASUG, Microsoft, and CHS Inc., check out the recording!

Posted by Jude O'Neill On June 9, 2017

Earlier this week, we hosted an ASUG webcast with the help of Ian Story from Microsoft and Srikant Padma from CHS Inc.

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