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3 Necessary Information Governance Capabilities That Don’t Come Out of the Box

People Aren't Necessarily Librarians

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Business, Legal, and IT are all Stakeholders in Information Governance

Executives are the Biggest Offenders When it Comes to Email Compliance

Engines of Change: Tesla is Challenged

Transparent Systems: The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Content Management

Keep Only What You Need – Information Management in the Digital Age

5 Fatal Information Governance Mistakes You Must Avoid

Invest in Innovation, not Maintenance

Information: the MVP of the Digital Workplace

Simple Experiences Equal Better Compliance

Amazon Snaps Up Whole Foods: Time for Some Change

Eliminate Wasteful Systems to Improve Productivity

Online vs. On-Premises: How Does Cloud Adoption Affect SharePoint Records Management?

Keep Your Office 365 Compliance On Track

Transparent Content Management in a Multi-Repository World

What the C-Level Wants to Know About Information Governance

Build a Transparent Digital Workplace with a Lean IT Philosophy

eDiscovery is a Headache Without Great Information Governance

If you missed our webinar with ASUG, Microsoft, and CHS Inc., check out the recording!

Transparent Systems: Defining a New Category of Content Management

IoT is a Minefield for Data Privacy, Information Security and eDiscovery

Let's Revamp Analyst Reports to Reflect How Businesses Work

Compliance Managers and Their Role in the Information Governance Journey

5 Steps for In-House Attorneys to Succeed at Records Retention Policies

IT Should Support Information Governance on SharePoint, Not Own it

Join us for our webinar with ASUG, Microsoft, and CHS Inc. next Wednesday!

Why Should You Choose a SaaS Records Management Solution?

Don't Gamble With Your Data: Information Governance Programs Mitigate Risk

Planning for a Successful Deployment

Don't Gamble With Your Data: Information Governance Programs Mitigate Risk

Understanding the Value in SAP Content Management

A Quick Cheat Sheet for Building an Information Governance Program

A Quick Cheat Sheet for Building an Information Governance Program

What Comes Next for ECM? Transparent Systems

Solving SharePoint Roadblocks: How to Win an Executive Sponsor

Shadow IT Will Kill Any Information Governance Project

Make SAP Content Actionable Across Your Organization

Information Governance Practices to Prepare for a Ransomware Attack

SAP Updates Pricing Model to Address Indirect Access

Training and Change Management are Crucial

More Than Just Legal Holds: Complete IG is Crucial For Law Firms and Legal Departments

An Information Governance Program is the Best Way to Mitigate Risk

5 Reasons to Visit Gimmal at the Microsoft Booth during SAPPHIRE NOW

A Successful Information Governance Program is About Business, Not Data

A New Platform is not a New Strategy: Don’t Migrate Your Problems along with Your Content

Why Are Companies Initiating Information Governance Programs?

What Does Gimmal's RecordLion Buy Mean for IG? We'll Tell You

What is In-Place Records Management?

3 Achievable Ways to Grow Your Information Governance Program

The Number One Way to Cause SharePoint Risk and Compliance Issues

SharePoint and OneDrive Now Support 3D Files and DICOM Images

Information Governance Programs Can't Rely on Users

3 ways to solve the “user problem” in SharePoint

Legal Hold Requirements Need IT Buy-In

Microsoft Delivers Advanced Data Governance: Mike Alsup Responds

Digital Workplace Checklist: Improving Collaboration

Microsoft's New Advanced Data Governance: First Impressions

No Surprise, Data Breaches Continue to Rise

[Video] How Data Cleanup Can Reduce Compliance Risk

SharePoint Records Management: Take Care Where You Share

In-house Counsel Uniquely Positioned to Lead Information Governance Initiatives

Take Control of Your File Shares

Building a File Plan Part 6: Determining Disposition Type

6 Cloud Security Requirements For an Information Governance Implementation

Fear The Data Demon: A Frightening IG Tale

Recordkeeping Compliance Tips

Building a File Plan Part 5: Determining Trigger Types

Data Breaches Pack a One-Two Punch

SharePoint Records Management: Online vs 2016 On-Premises

Information Governance Ensures Long-Term Information Security

Building a File Plan Part 4: Determining Record Types

SharePoint Records Management Initiatives Driven by Security Fears

Building a File Plan Part 3: Creating Classification

X Percent for Information Governance

SharePoint Framework Out for General Release

Information Security Remains Cloudy in the Legal Industry

Building a File Plan Part 2: Mapping Your Data to the File Plan

6 Questions for Companies and their SharePoint Compliance Plan

Information Governance Programs Knock Out Cybersecurity Weak Points

Building a File Plan Part 1: Creating a Retention Schedule That Works

The Information Age is Getting Old: The Value of Information

New Updates Manage Office 365 Compliance Risk

The Evolving Role of the Information Governance Specialist

Digital Workplace Checklist – Integrating Your Systems

Using Information Governance to Create Revenue

Information Governance Implementation Practices to Prepare for a Breach

3 Areas of Focus for SharePoint Records Management Improvement

3 BS Facts About Information Governance People Think Are True

Unified Data Loss Protection in Office 365

Don't Get Burned by Improper Data Disposal

5 Habits of Highly Effective Records Managers

Common Questions Executives Have About SharePoint Information Governance

Risk and Compliance Mistake Costs Financial Firms $14 Million

Why is Change Management Important when Implementing an Electronic Records Management (ERM) Solution?

Important Ways Office 365 is More Secure Than On-Premises Services

3 Achievable Information Governance New Year's Resolutions

Our 5 Most Popular Information Governance Posts of 2016

Starting an Information Governance Program

SharePoint Expo and Workshop NYC Dec 2016: Build SharePoint and Office 365 Experiences That People Love

3 Things to Consider with SharePoint Records Management in 2017

3 Reasons SharePoint Email Integration Makes Sense

Digital Workplace Checklist: Create a One-Stop Shop

Digital Workplace Checklist: Improve the Value of Your Information

3 Pillars of SharePoint Information Governance Program Success

When it Comes to Information Governance and Big Data, Quality Matters

5 Email Security Threats That Increase Compliance Risk

Are You Prepared for the Compliance Risk from a Data Breach?

8 People You Need on Your ECM Team to Ensure Information Governance

The Digital Workplace: Collaboration Is Only the Beginning

4 Ways to Keep Your Workforce Thinking Information Governance

How to Rescue Your Information Governance Program

5 Ways to Fix SharePoint Records Management

Don't Risk Compliance Issues with Inadequate Training

Innovative Ideas for Initiating Your Information Governance Program

Effective Information Governance Programs Provide a Roadmap to ROI

SharePoint 2016: How is SharePoint Records Management Impacted?

3 Keys to Information Governance Program Success

SharePoint Information Governance Programs Can't Rely on Users

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a Records Management Solution

Office 365 Using AI to Improve Security and Compliance

[Video] Why Legal Holds are Critical to Information Governance

Selling Information Governance to C-Level Executives

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Information Governance Solution

Your Information Governance Program: Best Practices for Success

A Compliance Manager's Role in SharePoint Information Governance

Microsoft Delve Can Expose Information Governance Gaps

InfoGovCon: Gimmal has been nominated as "Best Information Governance Service Provider" for 2016!

3 Major Risks of SharePoint Records Management and 5 Ways to Solve Them

Avoid Compliance Risk with a Practical Information Governance Plan

Rebuilding Your SharePoint Information Governance Program from the Ground Up

So OpenText Buys Documentum: Making Sense of the Aftershocks

The Certified Records Manager (CRM) Certification: What You Need to Know

5 Things You May Not Know About OneDrive for Business

5 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About Information Governance

How to Amplify Your SharePoint Governance

How Can Your Legal Department Avoid Compliance Risk?

Become a SharePoint Information Governance Superhero in 7 Steps

Data Privacy Laws, eDiscovery and Information Governance

Stay on Top of Your Office 365 Records Management and Compliance

5 Things CIOs Must Know About Their Information Governance Program

Why a File Plan Must be Part of Your ECM Implementation

Healthcare Data Breaches Show No Signs of Slowing

Office 365 Compliance Requires Standardized Information Security

Cybersecurity, Regulatory Compliance and Information Governance

Rebuilding Your Information Governance Program from the Ground Up

Retention Management: 3 Problem Areas that Must be Addressed

Important Questions for Companies and their Compliance Plan

7 SharePoint Alternatives that Actually Get the Job Done

Information Governance Implementation: What are Your Cloud Security Requirements?

Locating Records is the First Step in SharePoint Information Governance Implementation

Using ECM and Records Management Together: A Step Towards Information Governance

Cyber Security Should Be Top Priority for General Counsel

5 Ways to Engage Internal Information Governance Program Stakeholders

Are You Prepared for the SharePoint Compliance Risk from a Data Breach?

How is Big Data Affecting Information Governance Initiatives?

Is Your General Counsel Involved in Your Governance, Risk and Compliance Plan?

Are You Making These SharePoint Records Management Oversights?

Strengthen Your Information Governance Program Against Data Breaches

Information Governance Expert Roundtable

Your Information Governance Program Needs to Include IT

Is SharePoint Your Best Choice for ECM?

Common SharePoint Records Management Solution Implementation Mistakes

How Information Governance Can Address Corporate Compliance Challenges

General Counsel Compliance Vital in Mitigating Data Breach Damage

The 7-Point Plan to SharePoint Records Management Success

[Infographic] Information Governance Program Roadblocks

Risk and Compliance Concern: Cyber Insurance May Not Cover All Costs

3 Major Risks of Improper SharePoint Information Governance

Office 365 Compliance: Enhancements simplify eDiscovery process

The Future of SharePoint ECM

What SAP users should take away from the recent Microsoft announcement

The Dangers of Prolonged Record Retention

3 Major Consequences of Poor SharePoint Information Governance

[Infographic] Choosing SharePoint On-Premises vs. Office 365 for ECM

Data Privacy and Security Driving Need for Information Governance

Innovative Ideas for Making Information Governance Happen!

5 Email Security Threats That Cause Compliance Risk

7 Steps to Be a Data Governance Superhero

The Future of SharePoint Records Management

6 Impactful Risk and Compliance Trends From General Counsel Survey

How Solid is Your Records Management Program?

7 Strategies for Incorporating a File Plan into your ECM Implementation

8 Ways to Avoid SharePoint Compliance Risk

Chief Data Officer Demand Increases as Data Governance Becomes Critical

New Auditing and Reporting Features Improve Office 365 Compliance

SharePoint Information Governance, Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance

The Risks of Improper Data Governance

IT Departments Need to Be Aware of Legal Hold Requirements

Adding yet more class to Information Governance (Part 3)

Is a File Plan and a Taxonomy the Same Thing?

Adding more class to Information Governance (Part 2)

Better SharePoint Records Management with Analytical Search

3 Business-Critical Reasons to Keep a Shared Drive

Adding some class to Information Governance

Information Governance Programs are Critical to Ensure Corporate Governance

6 Things I've Learned About Information Governance - From a Document Imaging Veteran

Office 365 Compliance Updates Improve eDiscovery Capabilities

Law Firms Exposed to Data Privacy Issues

7 Tips for Managing Files as Records in Shared Drives

Implementing an Electronic Records Management System

A Practical Approach to SharePoint Governance

NARA Records Management Assessment Released

ARMA Recommends Federal Information Governance Rules Changes

Office 365 Compliance Improved with eDiscovery and Litigation Hold for Groups

Matter Center for Office 365 Now Available in GitHub

China Says Data Privacy Hacking Not Sanctioned by Government

Data Governance Incidents Affect More Than Half of Organizations

Office 365 Compliance and Australia's Government

Records Management Included in Open Government Action Plan

Addressing the Top 5 Challenges of Unified Records Management

The Reality of Information Governance Control

An Information Governance Failure: Sony Pictures Still Paying For Hack

Shep Hyken: Use Customer Data to Create a Better Customer Experience

IRS Fails Records Management Transparency Test

ARMA Live! 2015: Review From an Information Governance Rookie

Office 365 Compliance and Service Organization Controls Enhanced

5 Challenges That Structured Data Presents

Locating Records Effectively is the First Step in Information Governance

ARMA Live 2015: Three Takeaways

The Need for Third-Party SharePoint Records Management Add Ons

Q3 2015 Review: A Summary of SharePoint, Office 365, And ECM Ecosystems

What is Dark Data and How Can It Be Cleaned Up?

SharePoint Records Management: 3 Must Haves in Hybrid Deployments

Creating and Implementing a Retention Schedule and File Plan

Azure Rights Management support available for Office for iPad and iPhone

After You Die, What Happens To The Digital You?

What in the world is... "Information Governance?"

The New Office 365 Service Trust Portal

Congress Focusing on New Information Governance Issues

Subject vs. Case Record Categories: How are they different?

Information Governance and SharePoint: 10 Things You will Need to Succeed Webinar

10 rules for creating a successful mailroom classification project

eDiscovery: The Cost of Being Unprepared

Box vs SharePoint: A Cloud Governance War

A Practical Approach to Information Governance

Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial Data: 3 Simple Steps to Eliminate ROT

Why Do People Hate SharePoint?

Records Management is Critical to Protecting Your Business

Office 365 – More Governance on the Way

OneDrive Adds Governance Controls

3 Major Consequences of Poor SharePoint Governance

5 Key Steps for Defensible Disposition of Structured Data

Mid-Year Market Summary From A SharePoint Of View

File Servers: 7 Tips for Managing Files as Records

Is the New Office 365 Delve for Enterprise Content Management?

ECM In The Context Of Recent Microsoft Announcement

IoT Devices: Complete Information Governance

Why SharePoint Projects Fail [Infographic]

Top 3 Information Governance Projects in 2015

Market Update From A SharePoint of View - Q2 Edition

Connecting Federal Mandates With Cloud-Based Records-As-A Service

10 Needs to Succeed with Information Governance & SharePoint [SlideShare]

AIIM Enterprise Content Management Glossary

Hillary Clinton's Email Should Be Digital

Data Encryption & SharePoint Online

Dawn Ward: Let Legal Take the Wheel on Records, Information Management

Email Retention in Exchange and SharePoint Online

SharePoint (2016) Lives

5 Steps to Curb Information Sprawl [SlideShare]

SharePoint Content Organizer: Send Documents Where They Belong

2015 Crystal Ball From A SharePoint of View

Steps to RIM Success

Dawn Garcia Ward: What To Do About Emails

Resolving SharePoint Records Management Shortcomings

2014 ARMA Conference Trip Report

8 Things to Consider when Migrating Sharepoint Solutions to Office 365

Notes from the Field - Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Setting the Stage for the Automatic Disposition - Success Stories

Setting the Stage for Automatic Dispotition

Records are the Assets of the Organization

​GRC Business Considerations for SharePoint

​Search Makes Records Managers Obsolete

​Enterprise Content Governance 2014: A SharePoint Point of View

Got eTrash?

The Aggregation of Commodity Storage is Good Business

​Introduction to Gimmal’s “Assessment, Transformation and Migration” Practice

SharePoint Conference 2014 Trip Report

The Big Idea - Content Governance is Coming of Age...again

​When it Comes to Information Management With SharePoint, You Get What You Want

​SharePoint and Multi-repository Content Governance in 2014

The Presidential Records Management Directive

CMS Wire Discussion Point: Records Management Influenced by Cloud, Collaboration Technologies

Kodak Moments

​Out and About – More Questions than Answers

2013 Crystal Ball – From a SharePoint of View

Record or Non-Record: Everything needs to be governed

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