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People Aren't Necessarily Librarians

Posted by Cynthia Wood On August 4, 2017

I learned the Dewy Decimal system in fourth grade, but I'm not sure they teach that any longer!  With modern software, card catalogs and manual sorting are a thing of the past in libraries, and that ease of access should flow through to the digital workplace.

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Vote for Gimmal in the InfoGovCon 2017 Awards!

Posted by Jude O'Neill On August 3, 2017

Information Governance Conference 2017 is closing in, and the award nominations have just opened! As they describe it:

"This conference is the premier gathering of the leaders in the field of Information Governance. It is designed to offer exceptional educational and networking opportunities to increase the effectiveness information efforts, while sharing best practices."
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Business, Legal, and IT are all Stakeholders in Information Governance

Posted by Cynthia Wood On July 28, 2017

For an information governance plan to be effective, it needs to be complete. The content that your organization generates, the purpose that content serves, where it's stored, and who needs to access and modify it are all important considerations, and the more comprehensively you can answer these questions, the better your results will be.

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Executives are the Biggest Offenders When it Comes to Email Compliance

Posted by Shawn Cosby On July 21, 2017

Email compliance is an issue every organization deals with, to varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, employees (including upper management) are not helping the cause.

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Engines of Change: Tesla is Challenged

Posted by Jude O'Neill On July 14, 2017

Tesla’s share price dropped 13% over last week, in what was the stock’s worst week in roughly 18 months. The low represented an 18% drop in just a month. This loss has been chalked up to a variety of factors, including missed numbers and a poor showing in a safety test.

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Transparent Systems: The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Content Management

Posted by Cynthia Wood On July 7, 2017

Manual content management takes up too much time to be productive. As we said in our last post in this series, employees in traditional/paper-based offices spend six hours a week on average searching for paper documents and eight hours per week creating reports. With productivity at such a premium, this time investment is not sustainable.

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Keep Only What You Need – Information Management in the Digital Age

Posted by Guest Author On July 6, 2017

Today's post is a guest post from William "Bill" O'Connor and D. Eric Setterlund, attorneys from Baker Donelson. You can visit their website here and their blogs here.

Many of us make personal New Year's resolutions, but how many of us also do that with our businesses? It's 2017 and any business that has to comply with state, federal or international data privacy laws and regulations (which is...

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5 Fatal Information Governance Mistakes You Must Avoid

Posted by Andrew Borgschulte On June 29, 2017

What does it take for a well-intentioned information governance initiative to fail? As records and information manager roles are adapting to adjust to the ever-changing business environment, they must keep in mind some critical mistakes to avoid making. This post lays out five ways to become a data governance leader at the core of your organization's information governance strategy and avoid...

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Invest in Innovation, not Maintenance

Posted by Chris Vassalotti On June 29, 2017

 Last week, we identified legacy ECM systems as a target for cost reduction in IT spend. Their specialized nature and the parallel infrastructure they create introduce all types of ongoing costs and maintenance requirements. The Lean IT Blog writes:

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Information: the MVP of the Digital Workplace

Posted by Jude O'Neill On June 28, 2017

Now that Russell Westbrook is the MVP of the 2016-2017 NBA season, one begins to wonder: what is the real MVP of the workplace?

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